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Many people do not realize that a crack in the windshield compromises their safety. In modern cars, the windshield is actually part of the vehicle’s safety restraint system along with seat belts and airbags. The safety restraint system (SRS) is designed to keep the passengers inside the vehicle’s main compartment during a collision your windshield supports the structural integrity of the passenger compartment and helps to keep the roof from collapsing during accidents and rollovers. It also supports the passenger-side airbag during deployment. Windshield technology is designed to break and flex which cushion the blow of an impact. All of these safety features could be compromised if your windshield isn’t repaired after it cracks. Please, schedule service online with Mid Cities Auto Glass , or call 214-501-9999 to speak to our expert.

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Welcome to Mid Cities Auto Glass inc. Your  One and only source for auto glass repair and replacement  installation. Our service will ensure that you don’t have to take any of  your spare time to repair your cracked or broken windshield . Our trained professionals will have your service done without you ever having to do more than schedule an appointment where we can have access to the vehicle for 30-60 minutes . You can go to work with cracked windshield  and come out  with everything repaired and never even know we were there. We make it that easy. Mid-Cities  Auto  Glass Repair proudly serving the D F W  , Addison, Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, Frisco, Arlington  and Beyond. You will not find a stronger auto glass warranty anywhere in Dallas & Fort worth!  We want you to be satisfied. If you have a windshield or other auto glass that  needs to be replaced, let us come out and install it on-site. We can meet you at  your  home or place of business in D F W area and supply you with a quality auto glass replacement that will meet or exceed the quality that came with the vehicle when it rolled off the assembly line.